Project "Digital printable wallpaper"

Development and implementation of production of a digitally printable, breathable, temperature resistant wallpaper material for individual indoor design for a well-known German-based wallcoverings manufacturer. Com2C also facilitated the cooperation between the manufacturer of the digitally printable wallcovering material and a distribution partner with international sales network.


Project "Universal Coating"

Development and production of an ink receptive coating for large format inkjet printing media. The coating developed was suitable for application / use on a wide variety of surfaces and thus was able to reduce the necessary number of printer settings / ICC profiles (thus enabling the same print result on different printable materials using the same coating) and, at the same time, reduce the ink consumption by a huge percentage.


Project "Market analysis for digitally printable wallpaper"

Preparation of a market survey / overview including the competitors and competitor products with regards to the application of “digitally printable wallpaper” for a well-known EU-based paper manufacturer. The analysis was used as the basis for the dicision whether to invest into this field or not.