functional surface enhancement

Get a headstart with tailormade solutions from com2C! With our longstanding experience in the areas of printing and development of functional surface coatings, especially for use in digital and conventional print applications, we can offer a toolbox of products to suit your individual needs:


Coater-ready Compounds

We can offer coater-ready coating formulations for all kinds inkjet printing inks (solvent-based, latex, UV curable, waterbased dye, waterbased pigment, dyesub disperse, etc.), we can supply protective coatings for surfaces like wallpapers, canvas materials, films, glass, etc. or we can equip you with conductive coatings for toner-based printing methods. We also offer farbric and nonwoven pretreatments for impregnation / dipping.

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Single components and additives

For the optimisation and adjustment of specific prperties of your own coating formulations, we offer specialised additives and single components like adhesion promoters, drying promoters and rheology modifiers or crosslinking agents.

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Consultancy and development

We gladly offer our expertise in the fileds of functional surface coatings / pre-treatments for printable materials.

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